Past Clients

Comedy Central, Pepsi, MTV, Adult Swim, Hyatt, Food Network, Funny Or Die, G4TV


Key & Peele (2011) - Key & Peele is a sketch comedy series starring Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. The showrunners are Ian Roberts and Jay Martel. It's currently in production of season 3. Peter directs and produces every episode.

Hot Package (2011) - Hot Package is a pilot for Adult Swim created by Derrick Beckles (TV Carnage) and produced by Jon Stern (Children's Hospital). A bizarre satire of entertainment news, it's hosted by tv legend Pat O'Brien, and relentlessly skewers the celebrity worship of shows like Entertainment Tonight. It was recently picked up by Adult Swim for 6 episodes to air later in 2013.

Web Soup (2009-2010) - Segment director for G4's "Talk Soup" spinoff about web culture and viral videos hosted by Chris Hardwick. Favorite segments include Skate Chucks, Ripe For Revenge, Melonballin', and Sportsball.

Supernews Does the Internet (2008) - Half-hour live-action special of CurrentTV's animated pop-culture entertainment show "Supernews."

Game Night (2007) - Game show pilot hosted by Har Mar Superstar, starring Eva Mendes and Justin Bartha and produced by George Augusto.

Feature Films

The Rig (2010) - The Rig is a sci-fi thriller starring William Forsythe set on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. The film was shot on a working rig in 2007 and produced independently by Offspring Productions and James D. Benson. It was picked up for distribution by Starz / Anchor Bay Entertainment and is available in retail stores everywhere, as well as Amazon and Netflix.

Night of the Dog (2005) - Night of the Dog is a comedy about six friends who embark on seperate insane adventures over the course of one night. It was written, directed, and produced by Peter Atencio and "The Six" and won several awards at U.S. film festivals, including the audience award at the Palm Beach International Film Festival and the Gold Circle Visionary Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. It was unfortunately never distributed in wide release.


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