Pepsi Max: Test Drive 1 & 2


Test Drive 1 and 2

Extended viral ad for Pepsi's zero calorie soda brand starring NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon, featuring him taking a hapless salesman on a hidden-camera prank test drive in a Chevy Camaro. We shot the spot over two days in Concord, North Carolina, just down the road from the Charlotte Motor Speedway. The result ended up getting over 50 million views on youtube and featured in nearly every major news outlet.

For the sequel, I wanted to raise the stakes by having a full-fledged high speed police chase occur with an unwitting participant in the backseat of what looks like a normal taxi. However, we didn't want to prank some poor unsuspecting sap, but rather this time we decided to repay journalist Travis Okulski from car website Jalopnik, who got a lot of attention by loudly proclaiming Test Drive 1 to be a complete fake. We worked with his bosses at Gawker to send him to North Carolina on assignment to test drive the new Corvette Stingray Z06, but instead, well, just watch the video.